32 week twin pregnancy update…

8 months guys! 8 MONTHS………

5 weeks to go and it’s going to flash past especially because of the Christmas period. I can’t quite comprehend it to be honest. How did this happen so fast?

I’d been gearing up for a tough month after my last update mainly because I’d started to feel super emotional about the baby daddy situation and anxious about how physically exhausted I was going to get now that I’d hit the third trimester.


It’s been the opposite actually. Don’t get me wrong I’ve had the odd occasion where I’ve burst into tears about the impending change and felt completely overwhelmed with the fear of not being able to manage. I also had a couple of days just before my baby shower where I felt utterly drained and as if I couldn’t cope with life. I doubled my iron tablet dosage and like magic I felt alive again… these boys are draining me of my resources!!!! Apart from that though I’ve been cool. What I have found is that if I keep busy and active I don’t seem to get as tired on a day to day basis. Realising this I’ve been taking Eliyah to a couple of groups a week, sorting out all my Christmas bits AND nesting like a crazy woman! I am now an expert at flatpack furniture, could drive to Westfield blindfolded and know ALL the words to every song played at Tiny Time Music haha. #reallifegoals

I’m not weighing myself through this pregnancy… however I notice that a lot of the arms and legs of the clothes I started wearing at the end of my first trimester still fit it’s just everything is getting waaaaay too short. With my first pregnancy I think after I gave birth I was up atleast 2 dress sizes and it took quite a while to start wearing things I felt confident in. I’m not gonna lie, I feel happy that this time it seems to be mostly belly. I’m definitely not as hungry as I was first time round, having less frequent binge/ over eating episodes and I’m running around after a toddler all day long. However recently when I have urine tests, even though I have no signs of gestational diabetes, I have ketones in my pee. My midwife explained that my body is breaking down my fat as fuel because it needs more than what I’m eating so I need to snack more and drink a shit ton of water. Never once in my life have I been told I need to eat MORE… feels kinda weird. More snacking and drinking it is then I guess!

I don’t think I’ve mentioned this in any of my previous updates but both babies have been breech (feet down instead of head down) my whole pregnancy. I reeeeeeaaalllly want to try for a natural birth so I’ve been doing some yoga poses everyday to open up my pelvis in order to allow baby A to turn. I’ve definitely felt as if something had changed because I started seeing what felt like feet poking out at the top of my bump and little hiccups lower down near my pelvis. Turns out that baby B has gone head down and baby A is bum first… progress but still not exactly what I want. IF ANYONE HAS ANY TIPS FOR SPINNING BABES IN THE WOMB HOLLA atchya girl ok?



Some annoying things that are happening right now due to the fact that I’ve got two 4 pound boys living inside me is;-

  1. I can’t sit up straight without opening my legs. My bump literally needs its own seat. Crazy. In fact in the bath I have absolutely no chance of sitting at all… it’s either laid back or standing up to get out. Wiping after going to the toilet is also getting to be impossible.
  2. When I walk or stand sometimes one of the babies moves onto a nerve in my leg and I instantly lose control of it which means I can AND HAVE fallen over wherever I am. I need a walking stick.
  3. I can’t see my poosay…. not really even in the mirror. I can feel, though, that I desperately need some type of de-hair strategy put in place before I give birth.
  4. I have to literally wake up to turn from one side to the other when I sleep… there’s too much weight in my tummy to just do it. Laying on my back, unless I’m near enough sitting in a reclined position, is torture because for some reason I just can’t breathe AND I have to pee about 3 times a night. CAN’T WAIT FOR THIS TO STOP HAPPENING!

Honestly at this point I thought I’d be on bed rest or unable to bend down (it IS slightly difficult) or just not able to cope with life because I’m too tired but none of that’s happened yet. Maybe that’s what the last five weeks will bring…

I’ve got all my baby bits barring a new changing bag because I just can’t decide if a backpack will be better and what brand to go with- should I get a random one on amazon for £30 or should I spend £130 on a Tiba and Marl or Skip Hop or StorkSak… SO MANY CHOICES!!!! (Any recommendations please send them my way)

The end is nigh… and filled with scans, midwife appointments, therapy, acupuncture and maybe even a session of burning an incense cone next to my little toe to turn baby A (I’ll definitely blog about it if I do it). I really feel like I’m going to end up getting past 37 weeks and being crammed full of two 7 pounders. I can’t decide if I’m happy or annoyed about that.

For now I need baby A to flip! Please please PLEASE!!!!!!!!

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