My Twin Baby Shower

So I had my baby shower on the Sunday just gone and it was FABULOUS DARLING! At the beginning of my pregnancy I didn’t really want one because of the circumstances around how my babies came to be. Then some of my besties reminded me that creating not one BUT TWO lives from such a disastrous situation is a blessing and it needed to be celebrated (thanks ladies!!) and that I did.

I felt a bit overwhelmed with the task of organising it myself so I enlisted the help of my super organised mother and Pinterest loving cousin to sort it all out for me. THANK YOU GUYS. All I knew was that I didn’t want it to be formal and overly rigid with the game situation… nice, chilled vibez only please… and they nailed it like I knew they would!

The big question was WHEN DO WE DO IT? Obviously because twin pregnancies are high risk by default and over 50% deliver before 35 weeks we couldn’t arrange it for too close to my due date (which is usually how it’s done). I googled when other women had there’s and it seemed the earlier the better so we decided 3rd December- 30 weeks would be perfect. I’m sooooooo glad that it had been no later than this because pregnancy is physically getting quite difficult right now. Literally, I’m on the cusp of needing a walking frame and one of those contraptions that my grandma uses to pick things up without having to bend down. I wish I was exaggerating. But yes, twas perfect timing.

The theme was ‘Hello World’ and the colour palette was pastel blue, pink and green accented with gold. Very simple and delicate.

My mum cooked all the food and completely out did herself (her food is There were a variation of intricate salads, salmon and chicken, a cheese board with grapes and figs and dolma (a Turkish dish of vine leaves stuffed with rice) that my Aunty made.

As I expected everything single thing was finished…

The cake. OH THE CAKE.

My Uncle made the actual red velvet cake then his girlfriend decorated it LIKE A PRO. She’s a dentist and decorates cakes as a hobby however I think she needs to rethink her career! It was beautiful and tasted like heaven.

The guest list was a mish mash of my closest friends from different circles, family AND my midwives (my Mum works in the labour ward of the hospital I’m delivering at so I have a little team I know will be there holding my hand when these boys decide to remove themselves from the womb).

My Team!

My mum pulled out some random baby shower games I’d never heard of before like ‘deliver as many babies as you can in 30 seconds’ which consisted of shoving your hand into a HUGE tub of rice and pulling out little plastic baby figurines, ‘guess the baby part in the scan’ the most difficult of them all and dressing the baby with a partner using one hand each. Even though I wasn’t into the game idea everyone got stuck in and enjoyed the craziness.

I had THE BEST time and can’t quite believe how much effort was put into this shower to make me feel special and loved. It’s events like these that I realise how fortunate I am to have so many incredible and supportive people in my life.

I am VERY VERY blessed.

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