28 week twin pregnancy update.

I’m big. Like the size of a woman who’s 37 weeks with one baby BIG. I do not know how I’m going to get through the next 10 weeks. How will my body cope with more growth??? I’ve already got close to 6 pounds worth of baby boys dancing around inside of there… that number is going to potentially double!


Ok so despite feeling huge the last 4 weeks have generally been really good. I’d say 90% of the time I’ve had enough energy to get through the day and haven’t felt low and unable to cope. I’ve 100% taken advantage of this by taking Eliyah out to some different classes, getting baby bits for the twins ready and completing lots of life admin. I feel very on top of everything which is fuckin fantastic as I’m fully aware that with every day that passes I’m hurtling towards ‘THE WALL‘.

For those of you that don’t know THE PREGNANCY WALL= extreme exhaustion, constantly in pain and uncomfortable, can’t sleep, can barely walk, constantly miserable, the list goes on…

I’m not there yet and I’m happy. Some other things I’m glad about are that I definitely feel that there are 2 babies in my uterus which is the craziest thing. Before it kinda just used to feel like one baby practicing it’s dance moves and now I can feel feet scrambling away in my vagina and more feet kicking my ribs to a pulp at the same damn time! They have lots of amniotic fluid, their placentas are working well and they’re the same size as 2 singleton babies would be at 7 months. Eliyah seems to understand that there are babies in mummies tummy and will pull at my shirt if you ask him where they are. He has also been kissing and stroking my stomach non stop… he’ll be THE BEST big brother I can already tell and I can’t wait for him to meet them.

Some not so fab things going on at the moment are:-

  1. My poosay is still itchy only at night. Very inconvenient and annoying.
  2. At about 26 weeks I developed a haemorrhoid which, as you can imagine, is as annoying as hell! At first it was a little painful and itchy but THEN I realised I could push it back in so obviously I did that. It does pop out from time to time but it’s a lot smaller and doesn’t feel like anything anymore THANK GOD!
  3. It’s getting very uncomfortable to sleep in any position and if I move on to my back in the midst of slumber I’m woken up by a dizzying feeling and have to move immediately.
  4. ALL MY TOPS ARE GETTING TOO SHORT!!! Even my maternity tops and long vests. I’ll be making the most of the ASOS Black Friday sales and stocking up on extremely large tent like tunic things.
  5. Pregnancy brain has hit me bad and I often struggle to remember basic words like jar or pram, what I’ve just been thinking and want to say, plans I’ve made and things I have to do. To combat the latter I now have a paper calendar, a phone calendar with reminders and a diary I keep with me in my bag… Just. In. Case.
  6. The iron tablets all twin mamas have to go on from 24 weeks are making my poo green. TMI I know but watch out for that if you start taking them.
  7. This month I’ve definitely noticed that I’ve been googling twin pregnancy weight gain way more than I ever have and worrying about how much weight I’m going to have to lose afterwards. I have to actively tell myself to stop stressing about it and that my body knows what it’s doing and that there isn’t actually anything I can do about it right now. I’m really glad I’m aware of the mental shift but not looking forward to the fact that unconsciously worrying about my body will probably become stronger as it’s pushed to its limits. I’m trying very hard to take it as it comes.

Some random things going on with me right now are as follows:-

  1. I want to eat ice ALL THE TIME. Crushed ice mostly. I can’t stand the thought of water even though I’m always thirsty so I suck on it or make crushed ice lemon drinks in the blender.
  2. My dreams are so vivid and intense they often wake me up feeling like it’s really happened. Sometimes there’s a really strong connection with what’s gone on throughout the day or what’s on my mind and other times it’s flashes of colour mixed with random memories.
  3. Dogs are following me EVERYWHERE! Not just my family dog but random dogs in the street and the park. Seems as if the twin vibes have activated their canine senses and they just come bounding up to me out of nowhere. It’s like a pied piper situation over here.
  4. Men on the street and some men I know seem to be attracted to me even though I’m heavily pregnant. It’s kind of weird. You would have thought the huge bump would ward them off or make them think twice. Apparently not. Maybe I look like a ripening mango ready to be picked HAHA or maybe they all have some crazy maternal fetishes. I’ll never know.

So I’m on high alert now. My mum texts me multiple times a day to see if I’m ok. I’m not allowed to lift heavy objects and over exert myself. People look at me like I’m about to explode and feel the need to touch my stomach if they are talking to me. A random woman over heard me mention the twins on the phone and told me about her fertility struggles then proceeded to put her hands on my bump while she prayed. I look at mums with their small babies and think OH SHIT I’m going to be holding two of those while Eliyah runs around like a mad man in the park, in a class and every day in the house. How will it be done?

So many questions and only 10 weeks MAX to figure it all out. I’m running out of time.


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