20-24 week twin pregnancy update

It still doesn’t feel real, this pregnancy. 2 babies are definitely in there… I’ve seen them in scans and I feel both of them move AND my bump is about as big as it was at the 9 month point last time.

The last 4 weeks have been pretty good! I’ve had more energy, no sickness, my appetite isn’t as crazy, my moods have been alot more stable and I’ve been feeling a little more like myself. So I’ve been embracing it… Lots of walks and days out with Eliyah trying to make the most of the time where it’s just us. I went on holiday with Eliyah and my parents which actually turned out to be a break despite the terrible plane rides there and back. I started this blog FINALLY!!! And I’ve just written a list of things I need to do before these babies are born. Baby steps people. Oh and….

I’m having 2 boys!!! I’ll have a mini tribe, 3 boys, and I will be their Queen. Honestly, yes, part of me wanted a girl but I had a feeling it would be boys and that they’ll be identical. Even though they have separate sacs and placentas there’s still a 35% chance they could be identical aaaaaaand my waters are telling me they are. We’ll see. I did kind of find other people are a little disappointed that there wasn’t a girl in there but I know as soon as they’re born anyone who did feel that twinge of disappointment will completely forget.

Have you seen how beautiful baby boy, Eliyah?

Just imagine two more of him! I can’t wait.

I hope all this positivity continues for the rest of the week or at least the next 4. In my mind I have to have everything ready by 32 weeks and no set plans in the diary either because I keep reading it gets reallly hard from then! For now I’m going to take everyday as it comes and enjoy the ‘2nd trimester’ feeling while it’s here.

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