How I take care of myself when I can’t be bothered.

These days putting a full face of make up on is a treat. With a one year old to run around after and pregnancy hormones to contend with I have neither the time or the energy to give my face the beat that it deserves. So I decided to concentrate on the maintenance of my skin and facial hair so that on the days when I really can’t be bothered to put any makeup on I know at least my base is flawless.

First things first…

Coconut Oil= LIFE. I use it every-damn-day every-damn-where. I’m a true believer in this stuff as I want to try and keep things as natural as possible! Raw organic virgin coconut oil usually by Coconut Merchant or Vitacoco are my favourites and if I can get it for a bargain or in a 1 litre jar EVEN BETTER. I have combination skin for most of the year so coconut oil mostly works perfectly for me but if you have dry skin you may need to combine it with something like rose hip oil to get fully moisturised. As it’s a dry oil I’m not shy with it when applying as I find that after a few minutes it sinks into my skin making me look dewy rather than shiny.

I’m half Turkish and I’m hairy… more specifically my face is hairy. I remember an ex boyfriend of mine endearingly saying ‘you know what’s cute about you?’ I smiled up at him adoringly as he stroked my face ‘the hair on your cheeks’….



errrrrrrrrrrrr WHAT THE F**K??????



Don’t get me wrong I don’t de-hair for the lads or because other people may notice I’m hairier than your average Joe, I do it for ME because it makes me feel fresh and somewhat put together.

The ‘de-hairing’ process takes place roughly every two weeks whereby I take out my extra large box of JOLEN CREME BLEACH, mix together a good amount of the creme and accelerator then apply it all over my face obviously missing out my eyes and eyebrows, nose, upper lip and mouth. Leave it on for 10 minutes MAX then, Bobs your Uncle, basically invisible light blonde hair! Then I head down to my local Superdrug to get my eyebrows and tache threaded. I used to wax but have found threading for my face is less harsh and doesn’t leave me red with little whiteheads for a couple of days after so I can walk out and continue with my day without looking like a slapped arse!


A fresh trim always makes me feel like a new woman, frames my face and makes me feel more confident. I REALLY understand why guys go to get a shape up every week because since having short hair I’ve realised it makes such a difference to how I feel. I don’t get a haircut every week or even every 2 because it’s an effort for me to get to my hairdresser but I am in the process of finding a barber closer to where I live so I can make it an even more regular thing.

In the winter I fake tan. I use St Moritz cream tan because I love the finish and in Savers its a bargain! My face is always the lightest part of me and from one application of this stuff once a week I go from dull grey to a naturally glowing bronze and I LOVE IT!!! It’s such a great way to pick yourself up when daylight is minimal and you have to bang out the winter coat. I think this year I’ll have to crack it out mid-Autumn coz I’m looking pastie.

Another step that I add to my routine in winter when my skin tends to be slightly drier is a Nivea Cold Creme face mask while I sleep. It’s basic but it works. I just apply a generous layer of it all of the face without rubbing it in, head to bed and wake up in the morning with super smooth and hydrated skin. My friend Naf let me in on this little secret when we used to live together and now I’m passing it on to YOU.

Thank me later.


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