20 week twin pregnancy update

20 weeks in.

Half way cooked! Well, a little over half way because 50% of twins are born before 37 weeks and if they’re not out by then the docs want them out by 38 weeks MAX.

So far, this pregnancy has flown by way quicker than my first. It’s also physically been so much harder. With Eliyah the only symptoms I had were tiredness, hunger, a hot pepper sauce and lemon craving and a few fainting spells after I got out of the bath at the end of my pregnancy. Second time around and I’ve gotten every symptom in the book.

  • Headaches and migraines
  • Crazy bloating
  • Extreme exhaustion
  • Morning sickness and nausea
  • Depression
  • Hunger
  • Metallic breath like I’m sucking on pennies
  • Peeing ALL the time

The list goes on…

By about 17 weeks most of those had subsided, WE TANK GOD! because the tiredness has sometimes been crippling especially whilst looking after a one year old. The dull ache of depression that I’d been diagnosed with and felt only occasionally since learning how to manage it had returned and slapped me in the face. I’d been left feeling vacant, lost and utterly hopeless often curling up in a ball on the shower floor sobbing for no damn reason. The morning sickness once so bad that I was hospitalised and injected with anti-sickness medication in my butt more times than I care to remember and filled with fluids because I was so dehydrated that my pee was literally dark brown and my puke was neon green. Good times.

Now I’m going to share with you some weird things that have been going on with me because of all these pregnancy hormones and it will DEFINITELY be TMI so if you continue reading you have been warned ok?

Butt Acne or buttne as I like to refer to it as is BACK! I had it last pregnancy and I’ve got it again… Its sucks and it can be painful sometimes. Not to mention that it doesn’t look great either. I had it when I was in my teens and am almost sure now that it’s a hormonal thing for me because I’d been pretty much free of it for years. Anyway, I used to be able to get a cream that contained 10% benzoyl peroxide and would basically get rid of spots over night but that amount of it has been band in the UK. Now my only option to deal with it is a good scrub with medicated soap and slatherings of sudocrem left on my butt to penetrate the skin whilst I sleep. Doesn’t work nearly as well.

An itchy vag is the other thing that’s been weird and annoying so far during this pregnancy. Some days its mild and some days its feels like I have ants in my pants all day. It’s not a yeast infection and it’s not BV its just a bloody hormonal thing thats normal apparently but has been driving me mad. Coconut oil has been my only relief and sometimes it isn’t enough. It appeared at around 17 weeks and looks like it will continue for a while if not until the end and I can’t wait for it to leave!!!

The last 20 weeks hasn’t been all doom and gloom though. Some great things about having twins is everyones amazed reaction when I tell them which reminds me that I’m so blessed to be carrying multiples. Feeling 2 babies move at the same time is INSANE. It’s magical. I love it. Hearing two heartbeats at scans. Feeling like I’m getting extra care at the hospital has also been reassuring. Learning that my body is capable of extraordinary things and realising that I need to make more of an effort to look after it and keep it in tip top condition. It’s built and housed my most precious cargo and needs to be appreciated more.

Wow. Women are amazing.

20 week twin pregnancy belly

From here I’ll write weekly or bi weekly updates keeping you in the loop with the babies, myself, anything baby stuff I’ve bought, the nursery etc…

17 weeks is going to fly by!


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