Twins don’t run in my family

After a turbulent start to the year things got even messier when I found out I was pregnant.

It wouldn’t be news that was well received… by anyone. And it wasn’t.

(An explanation will follow in a later post but for now just know that even though pregnancies and children are blessings this just made shit get a lot more complicated for me).

THEN at 10 weeks during an emergency scan in A&E what I had assumed was a full bladder showing up on the sonogram turned out to be a second sac and then a second heartbeat.

A second baby.


WT actual F!!!!!!

Twins don’t run in my family. There have, literally, never been any twins in my family history EVER. And as far I know none on his side either.

Tears came. Not because I was happy but because for the first time, despite all the obstacles I knew I was going to face by going through with this pregnancy, I considered an abortion. I had come to terms with the fact that I’d have to go through a pregnancy and raise 2 kids without their father but now 2 had turned into 3. 3 children under 2. How was I going to manage that? How was I physically going to carry twins whilst looking after my one year old son? How the hell did I end up with twins??????

So, in usual Nemi style, I cried.

And when the sonographer, slightly awkwardly, told me that a termination was still an option. I cried.

After I broke the news to my family, who were already shocked and trying to come to terms with all the craziness I had been through in the last couple of months, I CRIED.

But in true Basri-family style, after their initial reaction, they told me no matter what I decided to do they would support me. My family are EVERYTHING.

I’m 21 weeks into my second pregnancy, a twin pregnancy.

How will I cope? I have a badass support system. I have determination. I have ambition. I’ll have 3 lives that depend on me! I will just HAVE to get through it and make the best out of this situation. Imagine the person I’ll become through this challenge.

Everything happens for a reason. That I know. So let’s see where this journey takes me.

One thought on “Twins don’t run in my family

  1. Nemi, It can be hard to know what to say to people when they are going through difficult times, but I can say is that you are a truly inspirational and wonderful person.
    I can’t begin to imagine how scary it must have been to be told your second baby was turning into second and third. But what an incredible thing.
    The female body is capable of amazing things and yours in time will bring you so much happiness.
    You already have such a beautiful family and any baby is lucky to be joining it.
    Good luck and please seek help when ever needed. We are here. Xxx


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